Apple Pay Betting Sites


Wherever there’s a noteworthy trend in the world of technology, Apple are never far behind. Sure enough, the increase in use of digital wallets like PayPal and Skrill has seen Apple launch their very own version known as “Apple Pay” – which has been designed specifically for making payments with mobile devices.

Like most other Apple products, Apple Pay can be downloaded from the app store on iOS devices and then it’s ready to go. To make payments, users can set up a secure system known as Touch ID – where the only way transactions can be processed is through fingerprint recognition technology.

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay was launched quite recently in 2014, rendering it one of the younger digital wallet systems available on the market today. The range of payment cards available for use in conjunction with Apple Pay expanded over the subsequent years and will only get bigger from hereon in. For the time being, the only betting sites currently accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment are SkyBet and Bet365, but this is likely to change in the coming years as Apple continues to develop its services and broaden its horizons.

What sets Apply Pay aside from other digital wallets and payment platforms is the Touch ID system – a piece of technology that requires users to register their fingerprint (thumbprint to be precise) on the home key on their mobile phone. Payments through Apple Pay can only ever be made when the phone accepts the user’s thumbprint, which offers a unique and very strong line of security against data theft and fraud. So far, this technology has proven extremely effective and largely dependable, with users experiencing minimal difficulties making payments via thumbprint and reports of hacking very hard to come by.

There are no fees associated with Apple Pay transactions for the time being, but this digital wallet is restricted to deposits only, and is not currently capable of handling withdrawals. Fees may be applicable in the future, but for the time being, Apple Pay is completely free to use.

How to use it

You’ll need an iPhone or iOS device to use Apple Pay. After setting up the system and registering your fingerprint and bank account on your phone (which you’ll be asked to do when you set up your device anyway), making a deposit to a betting site using the platform is very easy. All you need to do is select Apple Pay from the list of deposit methods available, rest your thumb on the keypad to authorise the transaction, and the money will be transferred immediately. Just like purchasing an app or app extension, you’ll receive an email from Apple invoicing your deposit and confirming the transfer of funds. For the time being, you’ll have to withdraw money from your betting account using another payment platform, but it’ll be surprising if this is the case for much longer.

What are the benefits?

Whilst Apple Pay isn’t set up and ready for withdrawals just yet, there are numerous benefits to using the system nonetheless. Listed here are a couple of the very best ones.

Ease of Use and Speed

It’s super easy to make a deposit using Apple Pay. All you need to do is select it as a deposit method on the betting site and you’re completely good to go. The funds will be released from your bank account into your betting account straight away, giving you immediate betting credit to play around.

Secure & Safe

The unique Touch ID security system renders Apple Pay one of the most secure digital wallets on the market. Without your fingerprint, it simply cannot be used, so even if your phone is stolen, thieves will not be able to make any transactions via Apple Pay. It is also worth noting that Apple Pay never logs or shares any details of the transaction with anybody else, which offers you some much needed peace of mind when you need it most.