Skrill Betting Sites


Since the gambling world moved into the online realm, a bunch of bookmakers have begun to offer members the option to deposit and receive money via online payment and digital wallet platforms. Skrill is one of the most popular payment platform models out there right now, linking up directly with your bank account but with a bridge long enough to maintain a safe distance from your life savings.

About Skrill

Skrill is a digital wallet that formerly paraded under the moniker Moneybookers Limited – which was purchased by Invescorp for more than £100 million back in 2007. Four years later, Moneybookers was rebranded as Skrill, and now boasts a customer base that consists of over 20 million people.

How to use it

Skrill is one of the easiest payment platforms to use and take advantage of when you’re betting online. It spares you the laborious wait that often accompanies the transfer of funds between your bank account and betting account (which is plagued by a 2-3 day delay in many instances), and also ensures your money remains safe and sound in the process. With Skrill, transfers, withdrawals, and deposits can made in lightning-quick fashion. In most cases, once you’ve hit the “confirm” button, the money will be fired over to the corresponding account immediately.

Skrill involves a stress-free sign up process and is mostly free to use from this point forwards. Transferring money between accounts with Skrill doesn’t cost you a penny, although in some cases there is a small fee for withdrawals from Skrill into your bank account. On the plus side, paying this tiny withdrawal fee entitles you to faster speeds and exclusive bonuses.

What are the benefits?

One of the best things about Skrill is that the platform offers round the clock customer support. This means you can get in touch with their specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an instant messaging service. You can also give them a call using the dedicated customer service number 020 3308 2519.

Loyal Skrill customers and high rollers may also become eligible to qualify for the payment platform’s very own VIP club. This is usually reserved for people who make regular transfers of £5000 or more via the Skrill platform on a monthly basis. VIP benefits include a variety of personalised features, including your very own account manager (who oversees all your transactions and helps you with any questions at any time), exclusive gaming and event invitations, and a bunch of added bonuses throughout the course of the year.

For gamblers, Skrill is a particularly attractive option when it comes to selecting an appropriate payment platform because the system is accepted by all major bookmakers. This means if you already have a Skrill account, you can set up a betting username and payment method with a major bookie quickly and easily. Skrill can also be used for most areas on gambling sites, which offers you a way to pay for your casino and poker funds if desired (as well as betting markets).

Another great benefit of using Skrill is the fact that you can link up multiple bank accounts to your digital wallet. This allows you to take funds from whichever account you need whenever you desire, and also gives you a way to safely transfer money without being worried about someone attempting to steal your details. You can also operate the system in a number of different currencies and transfer funds between hundreds of countries across the globe.

Last but not least, Skrill is a safe and secure payment platform – but it doesn’t require you to pass multiple security checks to get going either. Some digital wallet systems put you through a multi-stage security clearance check process which can be somewhat tiresome, but with Skrill, they just ask for the essential information which you can easily obtain.